What is AfterWorkDrinksTO?

AfterWorkDrinksTO was created by a small group of socially active professionals who like to unwind after a long work week. Because of the simple fact that we like to socialize so much, we decided to open the idea up using Twitter and plain old word of mouth to invite more socially active professionals who like to unwind at the end of a busy work day. Before we knew it, our small group multiplied into a much bigger, and admittedly, more exciting and interesting group.

The intent was to create an unpretentious ongoing event that would attract friendly hard working folks, like yourself, to celebrate the closing of the work day in a happy hour setting with a drink or two.

The aim is to network, connect, share ideas and help fellow like-minded individuals out, relax and socialize with old friends and new as well as shake hands with complete strangers in hopes to build lasting relationships. Whether those relationships are just for fun or on a professional level is entirely up to you!

So don’t be shy! Loosen up your tie and schmooze with the best of us. Come say hello and join us at the next AfterWorkDrinksTO event. Come as you are, come solo or invite others to join you – the more the merrier. Either way, we look forward to meeting you. Help bring back happy hour one drink at a time!!

Cheers! And hope to see you at the next AfterWorkDrinksTO.

Be sure to RSVP, it helps us with head counts when organizing with bars.

You can stay up-to-date with usĀ on Twitter by following our official Twitter hash tag #AfterWorkDrinksTO

or contact us here


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